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Got Skills? Get Paid!

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Did you know that there are over 500,000 entrepreneurs in the “Information Product” space?

That’s a half-million people with ebooks, courses, membership sites and digital products to sell. That’s a lot of people!

When we stopped to think about it… we decided that not only is that a lot of people… but it’s a huge opportunity for YOU.

Yup – you.

See, most of these 500,000 marketers get most of their work done using freelancers.

They hire about a dozen contractors to:

  • Write their sales copy
  • Create their sales pages
  • Ghostwrite their courses
  • Manage their JVs and Affiliates
  • Support their customers
  • Write their articles and blog posts
  • Produce their videos
  • Create their opt-in pages
  • Develop their product
  • Manage their Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • More!

This is the line-up that they need for each and every new product they put out!

Having access to trained, qualified, professional freelancers is something that these entrepreneurs rely on to make their businesses run smoothly.

What does this mean to you?

Well – if you can do any ONE of those little jobs for a entrepreneur (and do it well!) you’ll be able to earn cash – whether it’s “on the side” or it builds into a full-time, high-paid consultant position for you!

We’re training and certifying freelancers now with a program called “The Empire Vendor Series”. Tell us about the skills you have – and we’ll get you setup with:

  • How-to directions for servicing entrepreneurs in the information product space
  • Our very best, most successful strategies for each skill set (like landing page conversion strategies and writing for SEO!)
  • A community of others doing the same work as you to share tips, leads and jobs
  • FREE Advertising on our Certified Vendor Directory on the Hub at JuJuQ

… PLUS you can get this all for only $97!

Learn more about the Empire Vendor series and get started today!

Partner with Anik Launches

Starting your own business can be a nerve-racking venture, especially if you’re all on your own. But now you can partner up with one of the leading marketers in the industry, Anik Singal.

Partner with Anik is a new kind of program for JujuQ; we are actually making products available for resell. We’re offering three eBooks on the 3 billion dollar market of affiliate marketing management for you to package and sell.

Reselling is a great way to get started in Internet marketing. It’s a little like being a franchisee; you get the product, the system and the brand power from the start. You don’t just make a commission on the products you sell – you earn the whole selling price.  And while we provide the  range, you pick the sales price.

And there’s more than one way to profit from this partnership. As a reseller in the Partner with Anik program, you also will make money when one of your customers opts into a JuJuQ coaching program.  Partner with Anik also includes a course on the ever-important topic of traffic. You’ll learn new ways to gain attention and to increase traffic flow to your site.

We’ve never done this before, and we are eager to engage our students in this new partnership. We’ve always felt that our student’s successes are our successes.  Now we’re turning it around to make our success your success!

To get started with Partner with Anik, please visit:  http://partnerwithanik.com

Let us know what you think – we want to hear from you!  Leave a comment below.


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