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“Receive step by step coaching for as many affiliate programs as you want – 100% unlimited and we track your progress the entire way…”

The Affiliate Classroom has developed a signature training system to allow our students to receive step by step training and never be overwhelmed with “what to do next.” If you ever wished you could have a mentor and a coach, The Affiliate Classroom is your perfection solution.

Our training system and step by step procedure has taken our experts over 1 year to develop. Top affiliates from around the world were personally interviewed on the system they used to develop their own successes. After reviewing the interviews and success of many high performing affiliates, The Affiliate Classroom was able to finalize our training program to reflect the success of hundreds of affiliates.

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Easy-To-Follow Steps Suited For Any Level Of Experience…

Our system has been developed with all levels of affiliate marketers in mind, whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced expert – you can easily benefit from our step by step coaching, project management and tracking system.

All steps come with their own detailed “step guide” to further break down the steps into mini-tasks that can be completed 1 at a time.

The Affiliate Classroom has a simple goal and that is to make the entire process simple, easy and fast for our students!

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Use Our System For An Unlimited Number of Projects and Affiliate Programs…

 Most successful affiliate marketers do not just build one website or one business on the internet, they have multiple. Using our system, you can build and track an absolute unlimited number of campaigns.

We will track your progress and provide you with step by step instructions on as many affiliate programs and niches as you want. As a student, you are entitled to full use of our training center with no limitations.

You may enroll into the programs that we profile or create your own projects by personally submitting an affiliate program to our site – so no matter what you are promoting, we are here to provide you with step by step instructions!

"This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for!"

Jeff Adam

“...and I can't believe I finally found it - I was starting to lose hope!

I've been wanting to jump in and start my internet business for so long, but there's really no PRACTICAL help out there.  I just get stuck buying a bunch of E-books...

This site delivers exactly what I need.  I'm most thankful for the STEP by STEP coaching Affiliate Classroom provides, it's absolutely mind blowing.

Jeff Adam
Real Estate Investment Expert

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Bonus #1: How To Dominate The Search Engines 
$97.00 Value

In this a 2 hour tele-seminar where Anik Singal gets drilled on how to optimize websites for the search engines using the latest tricks, techniques, and tools.

What he reveals in this grueling interview is the same education his clients have paid over $1,000 for. Yours free with your enrollment today.

Bonus #2: How To Find Hot Niche Markets 
$47.00 Value

This information has never been revealed before. In this audio, Anik Singal will answer the single most important question that NONE of the courses on niches, traffic, SEO, and promotion answer: How do you choose your first profitable niche? 

In this audio course you will learn the secrets of choosing the right niche the first time – and every time. It's valued at $47 but it's free when you enroll today.

Bonus #3: How To Make Google Love You 
$47.00 Value

Ever wanted to make google adsense love you? In this audio session you’ll learn how to quickly get approved by this lucrative service - and then how to start profiting almost immediately. Almost no one knows how to do this. But you will. 

This technique has been used countless times for our clients (and it works extremely well - even on brand new websites) Another $47 value, yours for the taking.

Bonus #4: How To Drive Thousands Of Visitors To Your Site
$57.00 Value

Learn secret traffic methods that can drive thousands of visitors to your websites . These methods are used by most of the gurus (who are desperate to keep them secret from you) And after listening to this audio session you'll be surprised to realize that search engine optimization and PPC are not the only ways to get traffic.

You will discover 5 easy ways to generate an explosion in your traffic. And once you listen to this recording we guarantee your head will be spinning! Some people have even said it's worth the investment in Affiliate Classroom all by itself. Well, we think it’s easily worth $57.00 - but its your free when you join today.

Bonus #5: How To Write Articles For BIG Profits
$47.00 Value

Did you know that writing articles can double, triple and even quadruple your websites traffic? Not only that, but articles can also skyrocket your income to new heights? Problem is, most people have no idea how to do it correctly. But you will.

This recording reveals how to easily write money making articles. You’ll finally see exactly HOW to use articles to generate thousands of dollars in revenue. Plus you'll learn how to explode your traffic overnight. This class is a $47.00 value, but it’s yours free if you enroll today.

Bonus #6: Affiliate Classroom Magazine
Value $100.00/year

There's never been anything like this available before. This is an exclusive, members only, monthly magazine delivered in PDF format.

Each month is dedicated to a specific marketing tactic (such as PPC), or a specific niche (like Christmas marketing). This is also where you’ll find sneak previews of next month’s case studies and interviews.

This bonus is worth more than all the other bonuses put together . Think about it. The subscription investment for most traditional "magazines" can sometimes cost over $100 per year. Yet you get this fantastic magazine, jam packed with all the latest and greatest affiliate marketing tips ... for FREE! Exclusive only to Affiliate Classroom members!

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My real estate lead flow has doubled. The tips and tools I've learned through reading the high quality content that Affiliate Classroom offers has been a huge success for my business.

Scott Thompson

I like Affiliate Classroom as it enables me to work at my own pace and when I can.

Michael Blacktopp

Ron Passfield

I cannot recommend Affiliate Classroom highly enough and I can say that the free AC Magazine is unmatched on the Internet in terms of professionalism, timeliness and insight.

Ron Passfield